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Insulated busbars (comb busbars)

Our product range comprises fork and prong connecting busbars for making connections of low voltage modular equipment.

The insulated busbars provide secure and permanent connections among various items of low voltage modular equipment in switching stations.

The quality of connecting busbars made by ELKAT s.c., is of the highest level. Below are shown the basic characteristics:

• insulation profile is PVC material

• material of conductors is CuM1E copper

•Stable operation from -20 to +60 degree Celsius.

• Impuls withstand voltage (Uimp) 2.5 kV

• PN-EN 60947-1:2010, PN-EN 60947-7-1:2012 European technical standards

Insulated busbars (comb busbars) are divided into two basic categories based on their execution: fork busbars marked with IZ and prong busbars marked with IZS.

The materials used for busbar production comply with the very rigorous standards which are  confirmed by the certificates.

  • Busbars

  • Busbars

  • Busbars

Overprint, marking of insulated connecting busbars.

The insulated busbars are labelled in accordance with customer orders, it is up to the Customer to decide how the end product is going to be labelled.

The Customer also defines the product name, whereas the catalogue product name is insulated busbars, in the marketplace, commonly used names include: electro-installation busbars, comb busbars, fork busbars, connecting busbars etc..

However, the regulations defining the basic data that has to be placed on the finished product. Must be remembered

At present the overprints are made using Imaje 9020, a single colour industrial printer.

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