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Manufacturing plant, Elkat S.C.

Welcome to the Website of ELKAT,a producer of low voltage switchgear components.

Our Website contains information about our products and options for doing business together. Our Company focuses on the manufacture of insulated busbars for modular low voltage equipment. The first manufacturing line was commissioned in2003 in response to market demand.

Taking care to ensure product quality and user safety:

- we obtained all the necessary certificates,

- we collaborate with spoolers who meet our rigorous quality standards,

- most of the prefabricated products are made inPoland,

- we use only copper of the highest quality,

- quality control is performed constantly.

As a result of our f dynamic development and success it was necessary to expand our manufacturing base. In 2008, the decision was taken to invest into a new manufacturing plant and in 2011 the first production batch was made at the new site.

At present we are the top producer of insulated busbars in Poland.


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